Club History

The earliest recorded date so far for a match involving a Ferring team is 1864 when the diary of Agnes Henty recalled " watched the cricket match between Ferring and Kingston in the field ".  The precise location is unknown. In those times it is unlikely there was a permanent ground for regular matches or any "club" facilities as such.

We have been playing at the Little Twitten Recreation Ground since 1953, when the ground relocated from South Ferring where it was re-established in 1948 after the second world war. Prior to that, in the 1930s the ground was located in a farmer's field behind the Village Hall in North Ferring.

The Victorian railway carriage which served as the changing rooms post war moved with the club and remained in use until the early 1990s. This was replaced by a pavilion created from a converted mobile home. In 2012 this was extended and improved, and new net facilities built,  following a £50,000 Sport England grant.