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Ferring Cricket Club play friendly, village cricket (suited to all ages and levels of ability) throughout Sussex and into Hampshire.  We run one Saturday and one Sunday XI, with our Saturday XI entering the Sussex league for the first time in 2024. The ethos is that we play for fun, try to involve in the game everyone who turns out to play, have a willingness to improve, but still have the instinct to win!

After home matches we retire to the Henty Public House in the village. 

We also have a thriving Colts’ section for boys and girls aged between 7 and 16.  They receive coaching sessions, usually on Thursday and Friday afternoons in the summer, by a Sussex professional coach and a number of Club volunteers, who are mostly ‘senior’ ex-players wishing to put something back in the game.  Several age groups are now entered into local leagues and have enjoyed a measure of success.

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How You Can Join In

We provide senior and colts cricket for ages 7 - 60+ and are always keen to attract new members.  Whether you are a regular, occasional or lapsed player, or a parent with son or daughter showing interest in the game, you will be warmly welcomed.  There is a long history of family involvement at the club, which continues to this day.  Please go to the Contact Us page to contact the club.

Our season starts in mid-late April and continues until the end of September.  We are always looking for new fixtures from within Sussex, surrounding counties and touring sides.  If you are a fixture secretary looking for new fixtures, please go to the Contact Us page.

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Little Twitten Recreation Ground,
Sea Lane,
West Sussex, BN12 5DY

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The Club have been playing cricket at the Little Twitten since the early 1950’s.  In those early days the changing rooms comprised an adapted Victorian railway carriage in the south-west corner, with several other basic ‘facilities’ (including a chemical toilet).

In 1994, the Club acquired, through the hard work of the then Committee in fundraising,  a second-hand mobile home to convert into a more presentable cricket pavilion, complete with home and away changing rooms, toilet, kitchen and equipment hut.  This was located in the north-easterly position it now occupies. In 1999, additional fundraising enabled us to install showers, to the relief of the more senior players who never thought this would happen, and all those who wished to retire to the Henty public house after the game without being readily identified as having taken part in recent strenuous exercise. 

In 2012, we were successful with a Sport England Lottery bid to the tune of £50,000.  Out of this, the pavilion and equipment hut were extended, resulting in much larger changing rooms that could fit a whole team and their kit in one go, rather than having to change in shifts and risk life and limb tripping over large kit-bags.  A practice strip and net were also installed outside.

Further grants were received in 2018 from the Spen Cama Fund and the Murphy Foundation to install an all-weather non-turf strip.  This is now helping enormously to practise on, to stage Colts’ cricket, and to protect what is a fairly small square from excessive wear and tear.  The grass square itself is maintained by our own hard-working qualified groundsman, with as much help as can be mustered from other Club members.

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Vice Presidents

A big thank you to the current vice presidents for the support:

R Abbott, D Bailey, D Bettiss, P Champion, Mrs C A Cooke, Mrs M Evans, A Feakes, E Holdsworth, G Johnson, Mrs D King, S Labertouche, D Martin, Mrs S Miller, M Quigley, Canon P Simmonds, T Stead, Mrs A Turner, Mrs H Wadham, Mrs S Watkiss, R Adlington, C Barrett, S D Bluck, Mrs G Childs, Ms J C Edwards, P Evans, C F Green, P Holmes, D King, Mrs J Labertouche, Mrs B Martin, A M Miller, C R Oliver-Redgate, D C Sherlock, Mrs J Stead, Col. M D Turner MBE, A Wadham, J Watkiss, Mrs F E Westbrook

As we hope you always know you are always welcome at our games and you only need ask if we can get you a cup of tea etc.

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